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Sleeping Pills Addiction Guide

How To Avoid Sleeping Pills Addiction?

Sleeping pills addiction is a serious issue in the current society and the cases of abuse of hypnotic agents are rampantly increasing. But, how fair it will be if we accuse just the medicine in any case of repercussion?

The properties of the sleeping aids are usually released by the manufacturers and there would be hardly any pharmacist or doctor who would not pre-warn a patient about the side-effects of sleeping pills before prescribing the same.

What is Driving People To Use Sleeping Pills in Excess?

If we discuss this concern keeping the statistics as the foundation of our narrative then it would be more coherent. It’s known that the major consumption of these medicines happen in the western countries like US, UK and Northern European Nations. But, the irony is many people in these regions who buy sleeping pills take these medicines for recreational purpose.

Information On Sleeping Pills Addiction

Following Are The 3 Best Ways To Avoid Sleeping Pills Addiction:

Once you are fallen in the trap of sleeping pills addiction, only an expert medical practitioner can get you out of it with custom methods. But, if you are someone who has just started using the sedatives and stranded with the dilemma that whether you will be addicted shortly with the drug or not shall read the below-mentioned points carefully.

1.) Concentrate On Your Lifestyle

The pills which you are consuming might be covering up the unhealthy lifestyle you are living. And, a messed-up lifestyle will always impact your sleep-wake cycle. If you are an existing user of sleeping pills, you can wean off the doses gradually. Firstly, get your routine on track—wake up early in the morning and go to repose early as well. Don’t consume any caffeinated drinks, it will keep you awake and will push you to resort to the use of sleeping pills. Additionally, put all the light-emitting devices away at least an hour before your planned sleep time.  Also, never forget to keep yourself hydrated; 2.5 litres of water is what doctors recommend to an adult.

 All these steps will collectively fix your sleep routine gradually and you might not feel dependent on sleeping pills anymore to acquire sleep.

2.) Regular Consultation With Doctor

This is the most important thing you must keep in mind. If you are advised to take sleeping aids by a doctor then you must reconfirm the duration for which you are supposed to take the medicine. In most of the cases, doctors prescribe sleeping pills to patients of short-term insomnia for 4 to 6 weeks. Never take the matter in your hands and strictly avoid the use of the prescription sleeping pills for more than 6 weeks. In case when you exceed the maximum cycle of 6 weeks for using hypnotics, consult a physician at the earliest. You might be at the brink of addiction, an early consultation with a pharmacist or a sleep expert would indeed help you from getting sunk in the depth of sleeping pills addiction.

3.) Be Patient And Mix It Up With Natural Methods

It’s very important to remain patient and keep the process of going off the doses of sleeping pills very slow. Also, a sudden stop in the use of strong hypnotics can trigger withdrawal symptoms in a person. The safe way to wean off the doses is by switching to the use of some alternative remedy which produces a similar effect on the ailment and body.

Valerian is a plant herb that is scientifically proven to have a similar effect like sleeping pills on insomnia and other sleep problems. Valerian has amazing relaxant properties and the proper usage help the user to fall asleep and stay asleep for a prolonged time. To avoid getting addicted to any sleeping tablet, start using valerian herbs simultaneously and with time, keep reducing the doses of the hypnotics. This will help your body to adapt to the change slowly and you can easily wean off the sleeping pills.

Case Study:

A survey was conducted when thousands of people were interviewed who admitted that they were highly dependent on different kinds of sleeping pills. As the Q&A sessions with the users of sleeping tablets progressed, the most common thing came up in most of the cases was that they didn’t follow the prescribed doses of the sedatives. And, there were people too, who were just in the preliminary stage of insomnia and were advised to take sleep drug like zopiclone for a short span of 4 weeks. But, those individuals couldn’t resist the temptation of getting more out of sleeping pills and embarked on a several month journey of sleep medicines.

Expert’s Opinion:

The case study was analysed by different elite medical practitioners and scientists as well. Almost all the experts didn’t completely dismiss the high-risk potential of sleep medicines. But, they also unequivocally said, “These medicines are listed as Schedule IV or controlled substance for a reason. Without proper administration, these sleeping pills can be fatal. Anyone who has a sleep problem shall consult a sleep expert instead of following someone’s quack advice. Those who use sleeping pills already or wish to use them in the future shall grasp some basic information about the medicines. It will indeed reduce the cases of abuse.”

Buy Sleeping Pills For Short-Term Relief But Don’t Get Too Ambitious

We can’t write off the fact that sleeping pills in UK, US and other western nations are easily available. And, a large number of people misuse this easy access and unrestrictedly buy sleeping pills. The availability of sleeping pills online encourages such whimsical buyers more. However, on the contrary, the access to cheap sleeping pills through online pharmacies creates a great convenience to the people who genuinely require the drug and are prescribed the same by their physicians.

Also, it’s to stress that the hypnotic agents like zopiclone pills and Ambien needs to be used with utmost precaution to avoid any unpleasant effect on the health.