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Can Insomnia be treated without sleeping pills

Can Insomnia Be Treated Without Sleeping Pills?

If you think you are the only one who is waking up in the grave hours and staring out of the window then you are wrong. As per the records of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every third or fourth person today is beset by the problem of insufficient sleep. This prolonged state of sleep-deprivation often engenders chemical imbalance in the central nervous system. Now, what a common question arises… “is this possible to treat this medical condition without the customary usage of sleeping pills?

The following part of this article will help you to solve the puzzle of questions in your mind regarding a sleep disorder like insomnia…

Busting The Myths About Insomnia

Before understanding the solution pertinent to the subject, we have to understand first all the complications associated with insomnia. There is a common misbelief attached to a disease like insomnia. Several individuals have this conception that a patient of insomnia can’t sleep at all. But, the science completely denies this and the scientific studies clearly promulgates that a condition of insomnia can’t be referred to as a continuous sleepless state. In fact, a person under the effect of a sleep disorder like insomnia might even fall asleep at times. But, the constant disturbance in the circadian rhythm is what that makes the presence of insomnia prominent in an individual.

Basically, any one of the following health condition clearly insinuates that you are about to be affected by short-term insomnia:

Symptoms of Insomnia
  • Unable to feel somnolence despite persistent efforts.
  • Frequent awakenings in the middle of the night.
  • Waking up too early in the morning with insufficient sleep.
  • Always wake up with grogginess due to lack of sound sleep.

People Choose Easy Solution Instead Complex Natural Remedy

Now, when people find themselves in the ditch of problems like insomnia and other sleep disorders, the foremost thing comes to the mind of people is to take help of sleeping pills. On the internet, there are numerous platforms where people read about medicines which are promoted as cheap and best sleeping pills. And, without any in-depth study and just on conjecture, they make a purchase of random sleep drugs. If we talk about London (UK) only, more than 1 million sleeping pills are sold, which is astounding considering the population of London just being over 8 million people.

Sleeping pills in UK are easily available and people choose to buy sleeping pills in the first place instead of consulting a physician. Sometimes, this haste turns out beneficial and also at times, this hurried step causes a negative effect on the health of an individual. This happens due to insufficient information about the drug and people end up buying the wrong sleeping pills.

The Confusion Between Sleeping Pills And Anxiety Medicine

Some people feel restless and a sense of dread and that problem may cause an unpleasant effect on the sleep of that individual. Such medical condition is often very elusive and people hardly understand which medicine to go for. In most cases, anxiety patients who face repercussions in their sleep hygiene often assume that a sleeping drug might be the solution to their problem. But, this usually worsens their health further. This could only be avoided by proper diagnosis at a sleep diagnostic centre.

Sleep and anxiety problems may go hand in hand but both problems need to be treated separately. For anxiety problems, the best non-medical method is practising yoga and meditation. These practices can naturally bring peace and tranquillity in the brain and life. Such methods can help in better blood circulation in the central nervous system and helps to regulate the proper flow of endogenous chemicals. In the case of medical treatment of anxiety, it’s a wide choice to rely on the words of a physician. Usually, doctors advise patients of anxiety to buy diazepam as FDA promulgate this medicine as a safe anxiety drug.


There are natural ways to give a remission on a sleeping disorder like insomnia. Natural food items like oily fish, almonds and wall nuts are advised to insomnia patients and are known to induce sleep in people who have problems in their sleep/wake cycle. Beverages like chamomile tea and warm milk can help a person to sleep as well. But, these methods can only produce temporary relief and the intake of the aforementioned food and beverages don’t guarantee a sound sleep either. The safest and effective way to deal with a sleep issue like insomnia is to consult a physician and adhere to the advice from that expert. A mild dose of a nonbenzodiazepine sleeping medicine is often advised by doctors if the patient is in the initial stage of the ailment i.e. short-term insomnia.

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