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Is Xanax A Safe Anxiety Drug?

The disparity between the supporters and the denigrators is constantly getting bigger as more and more controversial stories about this medicine are being circulated on different digital platforms.

Although Xanax was once an extremely popular benzodiazepine medicine as it yielded benefits to millions of depression patients, gradually the satisfactory stories started changing into bitter narratives.

In 2018, more than 204 cases of serious repercussions caused by Xanax were recorded. But the cases were not as black and white as they may sound.  Out of all those recorded cases of Xanax side-effects,  65% of users were those who didn’t administer the drug properly.  And, most other people in the remaining cases bore the harmful impact due to contraindication of Xanax with other medicines.

Xanax is a Brand of Generic Alprazolam

It’s often confusing to discern the generic drug and a branded medicine. Many people buy Xanax in UK and other regions but the generic medical compound remains obscure to those individuals.

Xanax was first a brand registered by a manufacturer named Upjohn of generic alprazolam but later the rights were purchased by a pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. 

Alprazolam is a hypnotic agent which was first patented in 1969. Doctors believed that compound was a safer substitute of barbiturates.

Ironically, right after the initial availability of alprazolam under the name of Xanax, doctors only used to advise people to buy Xanax in case of acute panic or anxiety disorders. Gradually, the medicine became the most preferred anxiety drug in the UK, US and entire Europe as well.

The Era of Online Trade of Xanax


Till the early 2000s, the limited access to Xanax pills restricted people to make whimsical purchases of the medicine. Also, people were cautious enough to seek advice from a physician before the purchase of this drug.

But, with the advancement in technology, traders adopted the business model of online pharmaceutical trade. Consequently, this led to the online availability of a scheduled IV controlled substance like alprazolam. Ever since several people have been misusing the liberty of ordering Xanax online and their whim makes them take an arbitrary dose of Xanax tablets.

Does Xanax Really Treat Panic Disorder?

Till the early 1960s, only drugs from barbiturates family contained antidepressant properties. Consequently, due to the absence of any other drug class that could claim anti-anxiety properties, doctors largely relied on prescribing barbiturates.

However, these barbiturates were effective in alleviating the intensity of tremors cause during panic attacks, but these medicines gradually showed harmful effects on the brain receptors. As a result, doctors started dissuading the patients to buy these medicines. Also, it is that benzodiazepine medicine which is efficacious in treating anxiety disorders without causing any potential damage to the receptors of the nervous system. Hence, benzos are a far safer choice of medicines to treat anxiety today. Also, a benzodiazepine drug like Xanax is easy to acquire as well.

Ironically, people sometimes confuse Xanax with sleeping pills in UK and in Europe. And, this leads people to use this medicine for wrong purposes. Additionally, the medicine contains muscle relaxant properties and FDA authorized this medicine solely for treating anxiety issues only. Therefore, little prudence while using this medicine can indeed make it the cure-all for unwelcoming bouts of anxiety. Conclusively, taking a bit more interest in the literature and administration of the drug you use is advisable. Also, it could save you from getting befuddled in the myriads of drug choices available today for treating health issues.