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Most Common Myths About Insomnia

We value something to a great extent which we achieve or get by doing the hard yards. But, something which rightfully belongs to us, if we get deprived of that, the resentment grows and eventually leaves us utterly frustrated. Something similar happens in the cases of insomnia patients. Sleep becomes the holy grail for an insomnia sufferer and to regain the sound sleep, the person seeks remedies with desperation.

The Growing Misbeliefs

It’s unfortunate that there aren’t enough platforms on the internet which impart information about sleep disorders conspicuously. Consequently, people remain bereft of proper awareness and concoct their own notions about the diseases. In the context of insomnia, several myths have been associated with the ailment. Additionally, these myths about insomnia often deviate the sufferers from the actual and effective mode of treatments.

Here, we are going to bust a few of the most common myths about insomnia which people easily find plausible.

Myth 1: If You Are Completely Sleepless Then Only You Have Insomnia

Busting The Myth: This a common misbelief that you would be called an insomniac if you can’t fall asleep at all. The science has never supported this notion and in fact, repudiates such presumptions. Also, research suggests that those who have insomnia would rather have frequent awakenings, wake up early before intended sleep time and would face the difficulty to fall asleep.

Myth 2: Insomnia is a Temporary Problem, It Would Go Away Gradually

Busting The Myth: Ignorance and misinformation often instil the thought in people’s mind that insomnia is a temporary phase and its effect subside gradually with time. Contrarily, sleep experts often manifest in different medical journals that the condition doesn’t alleviate without external medical aid. Sleeping pills are what they indicate to be the frontline therapy for insomnia and other sleep-related problems.

Myth 3: Insomnia Means You Just Have Sleep Problem

Busting The Myth: Not necessarily! Scientists have found links between insomnia and other diseases like anxiety disorder, depression, hypertension and even cardiovascular diseases.  If you have insomnia, it could be a harbinger of a more serious disease that is impending in your health.

Myth 4: You Should Seek Natural Remedy Instead Medical Methods

Busting the Myth: People often prioritise natural aids over proven medical solutions to deal with their impaired sleep health. It’s a mere myth or misbelief that insomnia can be healed by natural remedies. However, it can’t be denied that natural methods can give remission in the health condition but they mostly show effect in the longer run. For quick and effective relief, doctors still recommend sleeping tablets. Sleeping pills in UK and US are widely prescribed for insomnia patients; in 90 % cases individual embarking on the dose of nonbenzodiazepine sleeping medicine get relief.

Myth 5: Medicines For Insomnia Are Only available On Prescription

Busting The Myth: People often are ignorant about the access and availability of any medicine. In the case of insomnia pills, this is a pure myth that medicines which treat insomnia are only available on prescription. There are generic medicines available like zopiclone in UK, which is available Over-the-Counter and doesn’t lay a precondition to possess a doctor’s prescription. Therefore, people can easily buy sleeping pills Over-the-Counter if they have enough information about the drug. Moreover, the right oral administration of such drugs is very crucial.

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