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What is Temazepam?

It is a psychoactive drug from the benzodiazepine drug class and is mainly recommended to treat sleep disorder like insomnia. Temazepam pills are analogue of diazepam, which is commonly recommended for anxiety-related problems. Hence, temazepam tablets also contain anti-anxiety properties and work as an anticonvulsant. For patients, who suffer from short-term insomnia are prescribed with temazepam in UK and the drug is known to produce high efficacy in restoring the healthy sleep-wake cycle in the patient.

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What Does Temazepam Tablets Treat?

It is a psychoactive compound which was synthesised to treat the problem of insomnia in people. The active molecule of the compound dissolves into the digestive system and starts working on the receptors of the nervous system with an onset of approx. 1 hour. However, the drug can treat anxiety-related problems as well due to its chemical ingredients which create a calming effect on the receptors and can attenuate the intensity of panic attacks. Therefore, you can buy temazepam pills in UK for treating insomnia and panic disorder as well (it can control mild panic attacks). Many people prefer these pills in UK as cheap alternative to expensive tranquilizer drugs.

Dosage Directions

It is a widely sought-after drug and it primarily treats insomnia. But, it would be important for you to know the right dose depending upon the seriousness of your ailment. Please refer to the following dosage directions to get the optimum effect:

  • Adults who are suffering by insomnia can consume between 15 to 30mg of the drug before 45 minutes to 1 hour of bedtime.
  • Patients who facing the initial stage of insomnia and are troubled by phases of sleeplessness sporadically can start with a 7.5mg dose of this medication.
  • People who are diagnosed with an intermediate stage of insomnia can take 7.5mg dose of this drug orally for up to 2 weeks.

Note: The drug is mostly safe but there have been few reported cases where the users faced some mild side effects of temazepam in UK.

Common Side Effects

  • An untimed consumption may cause drowsiness the whole day.
  • Dizziness is another side-effect one may experience if he/she overdose the drug.
  • If you become addicted to this medicinal compound then you may feel lethargic until the properties of the drug completely drain out of the system.
  • A feeling like "Hangover" is another side-effect.
  • For the initial few doses, the user may get diarrhoea.


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